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Pipe dream

Azzopardi, B.; Hampel, U.; Hunt, A.


Gas-liquid flows are central to oil and gas production and because of the very flexible nature of the interface between the fluids, the flows can be very complex exhibiting a wide variety of three dimensional structures. In the field the steel pipes in which these two-phase mixture flow make it difficult to observe them. Even in the laboratory where pipes can be made of transparent plastic, we can still normally only see what is occurring near the pipe wall as bubbles clustering near the wall, or wavy films of liquid flowing along the walls, obscure what is occurring at the middle of the pipe. One way in which these visual limitations can be overcome is to employ electrical tomography methods. In research at the University of Nottingham we are working with Forschungzentrum Rossendorf-Dresden from Germany and Tomoflow Limited to use electrical tomography to 'see' into the pipe.

Keywords: multi-phase flow; wire mesh sensors; electrical capacitance tomography

  • TCE - The chemical engineer (2009)820, 39-41