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Interstitial-Mediated Diffusion in Germanium under Proton Irradiation

Bracht, H.; Schneider, S.; Klug, J. N.; Liao, C. Y.; Lundsgaard Hansen, J.; Haller, E. E.; Nylandsted Larsen, A.; Bougeard, D.; Posselt, M.; Wündisch, C.


We report experiments on the impact of 2.5 MeV proton irradiation on self-diffusion and dopant diffusion in germanium (Ge). Self-diffusion under irradiation reveals an unusual depth independent broadening of the Ge isotope multilayer structure. This behavior and the observed enhanced diffusion of B and retarded diffusion of P demonstrates that an interstitial-mediated diffusion process dominates in Ge under irradiation. This fundamental finding opens up unique ways to suppress vacancy-mediated diffusion in Ge and to solve the donor deactivation problem that hinders the fabrication of Ge-based nanoelectronic devices.

Keywords: Germanium; dopant diffusion; proton irradiation

  • Physical Review Letters 103(2009), 255501


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