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Effects of two gaps and paramagnetic pair breaking on the upper critical field of SmFeAsO0.85 and SmFeAsO0.8F0.2 single crystals

Lee, H.-S.; Bartkowiak, M.; Park, J.-H.; Lee, J.-Y.; Kim, J.-Y.; Sung, N.-H.; Cho, B. K.; Jung, C.-H.; Kim, J. S.; Lee, H.-J.


We investigated the temperature dependence of the upper critical field [Hc2(T)] of fluorine-free SmFeAsO0.85 and fluorine-doped SmFeAsO0.8F0.2 single crystals by measuring the resistive transition in low static magnetic fields and in pulsed fields up to 60 T. Both crystals show that Hc2(T)’s along the c axis [Hc2 c(T)] and in an ab-planar direction [Hc2 ab(T)] exhibit a linear and a sublinear increase, respectively, with decreasing temperature below the superconducting transition. Hc2(T)’s in both directions deviate from the conventional one-gap Werthamer-Helfand-Hohenberg theoretical prediction at low temperatures. A two-gap nature and the paramagnetic pair-breaking effect are shown to be responsible for the temperature-dependent behavior of Hc2 c and Hc2 ab, respectively.

  • Physical Review B 80(2009), 144512


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