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Interplay of frustration and magnetic field in the two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnet Cu(tn)Cl-2

Orendacova, A.; Cizmar, E.; Sedlakova, L.; Hanko, J.; Kajnakova, M.; Orendac, M.; Feher, A.; Xia, J.; Yin, L.; Pajerowski, D.; Meisel, M.; Zelenak, V.; Zvyagin, S.; Wosnitza, J.


Specific heat and ac magnetic susceptibility measurements, spanning low temperatures (T >= 40 mK) and high-magnetic fields (B <= 14 T), have been performed on a two-dimensional (2D) antiferromagnet Cu(tn)Cl-2 (tn=1,3-diaminopropane=C3H10N2). The compound represents a S = 1/2 spatially anisotropic triangular antiferromagnet realized by a square lattice with nearest-neighbor (J/kB = 3 K), frustrating next-nearest-neighbor (0 < J'/J < 0.6), and interlayer (|J''/J| approximate to 10-3) interactions. The absence of long-range magnetic order down to T = 60 mK in B = 0 and the T-2 behavior of the specific heat for T <= 0.4 K and B >= 0 are considered evidence of a high degree of 2D magnetic order. In fields lower than the saturation field, Bsat = 6.6 T, a specific heat anomaly, appearing near 0.8 K, is ascribed to bound vortex-antivortex pairs stabilized by the applied magnetic field. The resulting magnetic phase diagram is remarkably consistent with the one predicted for a square lattice without a frustrating interaction, expect that Bsat is shifted to values lower than expected. Potential explanations for this observation, as well as the possibility of a Berezinski-Kosterlitz-Thouless (BKT) phase transition in a spatially anisotropic triangular magnet with the collinear Neel ground state, are discussed.

  • Physical Review B 80(2009), 144418


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