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Temperature dependence of the crossover between the near-infrared Er and defect-related photoluminescence bands of Ge-rich Er-doped SiO2 layers

Kanjilal, A.; Rebohle, L.; Prucnal, S.; Voelskow, M.; Skorupa, W.; Helm, M.


Temperature-dependent photoluminescence of Ge-rich SiO2 in the presence or absence of Er shows a crossover between defect-related (15–150 K) and Er-related (150–295 K) emission within 1525 and 1440 nm. The origin of the near-infrared defect-related bands is discussed in the light of recombination of localized excitons in luminescence centers at the Ge cluster/SiO2 interface. Time-resolved photoluminescence further enables us to illustrate the observed 1.53 um Er emission above 150 K in terms of a phonon-assisted nonradiative energy-transfer process from the luminescence centers to the Er3+ ions.

Keywords: PL; Er; Ge clusters


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