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Spin dynamics in ferromagnets: Gilbert damping vs. two-magnon scattering

Lenz, K.


There exist several quite different damping mechanisms, which might contribute to the magnetic relaxation processes following the dynamic excitation of the spin system by ferromagnetic resonance (FMR). Most of the thin film magnetism community however seems to consider only Gilbert type damping contributions.
Using FMR and microwave frequencies between 1 and 225 GHz I will show how the different relaxation channels, i.e., dissipative, isotropic Gilbert damping G as well as anisotropic two-magnon scattering , are identified and disentangled by frequency and angle dependent FMR. In the case of Fe3Si films the scattering rates due to two-magnon scattering at crystallographic defects for spin waves propagating in [100] and [110] directions, and the Gilbert damping term are determined. Changing the film thickness from 8 to 40 nm and slightly modifying the Fe concentration influences these relaxation channels.
Finally, for the case of Ne+ irradiated Py/Ta multilayers, I will present how ion beam irradiation can be used to tailor the static and dynamic properties determined by FMR and MOKE.

Keywords: FMR; Gilbert Damping; Two-Magnon Scattering

  • Lecture (others)
    Talk at the electromagnetics group seminar, 13.10.2009, Boulder, Colorado, USA
  • Lecture (others)
    Talk at the Physics Seminar Series, 12.10.2009, Colorado Springs, USA


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