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Ultrafast carrier capture in InGaAs quantum posts

Stehr, D.; Morris, C. M.; Talbayev, D.; Wagner, M.; Kim, H. C.; Taylor, A. J.; Schneider, H.; Petroff, P. M.; Sherwin, M. S.


To explore the capture dynamics of photoexcited carriers in semiconductor quantum posts, optical pump terahertz (THz) probe and time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy were performed. The results of the THz experiment show that after ultrafast excitation, electrons relax within a few picoseconds into the quantum posts, which act as efficient traps. The saturation of the quantum post states, probed by photoluminescence, was reached at approximately ten times the quantum post density in the samples. The results imply that quantum posts are highly attractive nanostructures for future device applications.

Keywords: quantum post; terahertz probe; ultrafast; relaxation


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