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Phase-sensitive terahertz spectroscopy with backward-wave oscillators in reflection mode

Pronin, A. V.; Goncharov, Y. G.; Fischer, T.; Wosnitza, J.


In this article we describe a method which allows accurate measurements of the complex reflection coefficient rˆ=|rˆ| ·exp(iφR) of a solid at frequencies of 1–50 cm−1 (30 GHz–1.5 THz). Backward-wave oscillators are used as sources for monochromatic coherent radiation tunable in frequency. The amplitude of the complex reflection (the reflectivity) is measured in a standard way, while the phase shift, introduced by the reflection from the sample surface, is measured using a Michelson interferometer. This method is particular useful for nontransparent samples, where phase-sensitive transmission measurements are not possible. The method requires no Kramers–Kronig transformation in order to extract the sample’s electrodynamic properties (such as the complex dielectric function or complex conductivity). Another area of application of this method is the study of magnetic materials with complex dynamic permeabilities different from unity at the measurement frequencies (for example, colossal-magnetoresistance materials and metamaterials). Measuring both the phase-sensitive transmission and the phase-sensitive reflection allows for a straightforward model-independent determination of the dielectric permittivity and magnetic permeability of such materials.

  • Review of Scientific Instruments 80(2009), 123904


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