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Isotopic Comparative Method (ICM) for the determination of variations of the useful ion yields in boron doped silicon as a function of oxygen concentration in the 0 - 10 at% range

Dupuy, J. C.; Dubois, C.; Prudon, G.; Gautier, B.; Kögler, R.; Akhmadaliev, S.; Perrat-Mabilon, A.; Peaucelle, C.


Specific samples containing O-18 and O-16 are used to measure the variations of the relative ion yields of boron, oxygen and silicon as a function of oxygen concentration. O-18 and O-16 are used to implement an Isotopic Comparative Method (ICM) which allows to correct the matrix effects involved by the presence of a high concentration of oxygen in the sample: the near-flat profile of O-18, measured in the 'dilute', linear regime (weak concentration) is used to calculate the real concentration of O-16. The ion yields of B+, O+, Si+, O- and Si- are measured as a function of the oxygen concentration. For B+ ion yield, the variation is important whereas they are weak for Si-+/- and O-+/- ion yields for the range [0-12 at.%]. This ICM applied to oxygen in silicon can be considered as an interesting complementary method of previous 'O-16 implantation method' and of 'O-18 single marker method'.

Keywords: Secondary ion mass spectrometry; SIMS; Isotopic comparative method; ICM; Oxygen; Silicon; Boron

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