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Measurement of liquid distributions in particle packings: use of wire mesh sensor versus transmission tomographic imaging

Bieberle, A.; Schubert, M.; Da Silva, M. J.; Hampel, U.


The paper compares two different high-resolution imaging techniques for the investigation of the hydrodynamics in a laboratory packed bed reactor operating at different stationary states and with two different particle packings. The wire-mesh sensor offers cross-sectional liquid holdup distribution imaging at ultra high speed of 10,000 frames per second and good spatial resolution. It is therefore a very useful imaging tool for transient and periodic flow conditions. But yet its influence on the flow in a packed bed was never analyzed. Gamma-ray computed tomography uses 662 keV gamma photons to obtain cross-sectional phase distribution images. It offers as well a good spatial resolution of 2 mm and does not influence the flow. But it needs rather long scanning times. As a non-invasive technique gamma-ray tomography has been used as a reference modality to evaluate the wire-mesh sensor measurements. Data from both imaging modalities are compared utilizing different analyzing models and showed good agreement. For the wire mesh sensor only marginal intrusive effects with respect to the flow dynamics were found.

Keywords: wire-mesh sensor; gamma-ray tomography; packed bed reactor