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Status of the PTS Experiment at TOPFLOW

Beyer, M.; Schleicher, E.; Pietruske, H.; Seidel, T.; Szalinski, L.; Hampel, U.; Weiß, F.-P.


After a short description of the aim and tasks of the project the experimental setup and the measurement technique were explained. Futhermore, the two executed air/water measurement series were specified. On the one hand, the behaviour of the flow through an Emergency Core Cooling (ECC) line into a Cold Leg of a Pressurized Water Reactor was investigated in dependence on some thermo hydraulic parameters. On the other hand, the occureance of thermal stratification inside the Cold Leg during ECC injection with different mass flows was analysed. An explanation of the next steps for the steam/water tests and an outlook completed the presentation.

Keywords: Pressurized Thermal Shock; Emergency Core Cooling; Pressurized Water Reactor; thermal stratification; mixing phenomena

Involved research facilities

  • TOPFLOW Facility
  • Lecture (others)
    Steering Committee Meeting on R&D Cooperation between Forschungszentrum Dresden-Rossendorf and AREVA NP GmbH, 20.09.2010, Dresden, Deutschland


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