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Nanocap arrays of granular CoCrPt:SiO2 films on silica particles: tailoring of the magnetic properties by Co+ irradiation

Krone, P.; Brombacher, C.; Makarov, D.; Lenz, K.; Ball, D.; Springer, F.; Rohrmann, H.; Fassbender, J.; Albrecht, M.


An approach for tailoring the magnetic properties by ion irradiation of granular perpendicular CoCrPt:SiO2 films grown on silica particles with sizes down to 10 nm was investigated. The as-prepared samples reveal an intriguing scaling dependence of the coercive field and remnant magnetization: both parameters are found to decrease with decreasing particle size. However, Co+ irradiation at a low fluence of 0.5 x 1014 cm-2 already results in an opposite scaling behavior. It is assumed that this modification is due to the enhancement of the intergranular magnetic exchange coupling of the granular CoCrPt:SiO2 film initiated by Co+ irradiation resulting in a modified reversal behavior. Further increase of the irradiation fluence beyond 1.6 x 1014 ions cm-2 leads to a degradation of the magnetic layer properties, lowering the remnant magnetization and the coercive field in the easy-axis direction. Moreover, the local magnetic properties of the samples were analyzed by magnetic force microscopy revealing magnetic multi-domain cap structures.

Keywords: magnetism; granular media; perpendicular recording; ion irradiation

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