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Status of the SRF Gun operation at ELBE

Teichert, J.; Arnold, A.; Buettig, H.; Janssen, D.; Justus, M.; Lehnert, U.; Michel, P.; Murcek, P.; Schneider, C.; Schurig, R.; Staufenbiel, F.; Kamps, R. X. T.; Rudolph, J.; Schenk, M.; Klemz, G.; Will, I.


The superconducting RF photo-injector (SRF gun) at FZD is the first operating electron injector of its kind. The gun with a 3½-cell cavity operating and a frequency of 1.3 GHz produces an electron beam of 3 MeV with a maximum bunch charge of about 400 pC. Also the design values for the acceleration gradient could not be reached with the cavity which is in use at present the SRF gun will improve the beam quality for ELBE users. End of 2009 the beamline was installed which connects the SRF gun with ELBE accelerator. We will report on the first test and on the progress in applying the SRF gun for user operation.

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