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Overview On Superconducting Photo Injectors

Arnold, A.; Teichert, J.


The success of most of the proposed energy recovery linac (ERL) based electron accelerator projects for future storage ring replacements (SRR) and high power IR-FELs largely depends on the development of an appropriate source. E.g., to meet the FEL specifications [J. W. Lewellen, SPIE 5534, 22-36 (2004)] electron beams with an unprecedented combination of high brightness, low emittance (0.1 μmrad) and high average current (hundreds of mA) are required. An elegant way to create a beam of such quality is to combine the high beam quality of a normal conducting RF photoinjector with the superconducting technology, i.e., to build a superconducting RF photoinjector (SRF gun). SRF gun R&D programs based on different approaches have been launched at a growing number of institutes and companies (AES, Beijing University, BESSY, BNL, DESY, FZD, TJNAF, Niowave, NPS, Wisconsin University). Substantial progress was achieved in recent years and first long term operation was demonstrated at FZD [R. Xiang et al., in Proceedings of FEL09, Liverpool, GB, 2009]. In the near future SRF guns are expected to play an important role for LINAC driven FEL facilities. In the present paper we will review the concepts, the design parameters and the status of the major SRF gun projects.

Keywords: Superconducting; Electron; Injector; SRF; Gun; ERL; FEL; AES; Beijing University; BESSY; BNL; DESY; FZD; TJNAF; Niowave; NPS; Wisconsin University

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