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Editorial on the special issue on imaging systems and techniques

Karras, D. A.; Giakos, G. C.; Hampel, U.


Imaging systems and techniques have found widespread application in medical and biological imaging, security and surveillance systems, remote sensing, biometrics, non-destructive testing, computer sciences, materials research, and most recently also in various types of customer products. Imaging systems may be based on different physical measuring principles, such as optical, infrared, acoustic, microwave, terahertz, electrical, X-ray and gamma ray sensing techniques, for example. But behind the imaging sensor there is strong common ground in electronics concepts and circuits for signal conversion, processing, acquisition, and storage as well as algorithms for image enhancement, image reconstruction and image analysis. Imaging systems are increasingly complex and therefore challenge electronic engineers and computer scientists. Concurrently to an ongoing trend of increasing the spatial and temporal resolution of such systems, there is a growing demand for hardware-supported image processing, multi-modality imaging, data reduction as well as improved sensitivity, specificity and robustness.

Keywords: imaging systems and techniques

  • International Journal of Signal and Imaging Systems Engineering 3(2011)3, 145-147