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Image-Processing-Based Study of the Interfacial Behavior of the Countercurrent Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in a Hot Leg of a PWR

Montoya, G.; Deendarlianto; Lucas, D.; Höhne, T.; Vallee, C.


The interfacial behavior during counter-current two-phase flow of air-water and steam-water in a model of a PWR hot leg was studied quantitatively using digital image processing of a subsequent recorded video images of the experimental series obtained from the TOPFLOW facility, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e.V. (HZDR), Dresden, Germany. The developed image processing technique provides the transient data of water level inside the hot leg channel up to flooding condition. In this technique, the filters such as median and Gaussian were used to eliminate the drops and the bubbles from the interface and the wall of the test section. A Statistical treatment (average, standard deviation, and probability distribution function (PDF)) of the obtained water level data was carried-out also to identify the flow behaviors.

The obtained data are characterized by a high resolution in space and time, which makes them suitable for the development and validation of CFD-grade closure models, e.g. for two-fluid model. This information is essential also for the development of mechanistic modeling on the relating phenomenon. It was clarified that the local water level at the crest of the hydraulic jump is strongly affected by the liquid properties.

Keywords: CFD; Hot Leg

Involved research facilities

  • TOPFLOW Facility


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