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Influence of the Lagrangian integral time scale estimation in the near wall region on particle deposition

Lecrivain, G.; Hampel, U.

In a high temperature pebble-bed reactor core where thousands of pebbles are amassed, the friction between the outer graphite layer of the fuel elements triggers the formation of carbonaceous dust. This dust is eventually conveyed by the cooling carrier phase and deposits in the primary circuit of the high temperature reactor. The numerical prediction of carbonaceous dust transport and deposition in turbulent flows is a key safety issue. Most particle tracking procedures make use of the Lagrangian integral time scale to reproduce the turbulent dispersion of the discrete phase. In the present Lagrangian particle tracking procedure, the effect of the Lagrangian integral time scale near the wall is thoroughly investigated. It is found that, in the linear sublayer, a value of the normalised wall normal component of the Lagrangian integral time scale lower that 4 delivers accurate particle deposition velocities. The value worked out here near the wall region is in accordance with Lagrangian integral time scales derived from recent Direct Numerical Simulations.

Keywords: particle deposition; turbulent dispersion; CFD