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Feasibility study for MeV electron beam tomography

Hampel, U.; Bärtling, Y.; Hoppe, D.; Kuksanov, N.; Fadeev, S.; Salimov, R.


Electron beam tomography is a promising imaging modality for the study of fast technical processes. But for many technical objects of interest X-rays of several hundreds of keV energy are required to achieve sufficient material penetration. In this article we report on a feasibility study for fast electron beam computed tomography with a 1 MeV electron beam. The experimental setup comprises an electrostatic accelerator with beam optics, transmission target, and a single X-ray detector. We employed an inverse fan-beam tomography approach with radiographic projections being generated from the linearly moving X-ray source. Angular projections were obtained by rotating the object.

Keywords: electron beam tomography; ultrafast tomography

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  • TOPFLOW Facility