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Multiphase flow investigations with ultrafast electron beam X-ray tomography

Hampel, U.; Barthel, F.; Bieberle, M.; Schubert, M.; Schleicher, E.


We introduce ultrafast electron beam X-ray tomography as an imaging modality for multiphase flow studies. A dedicated electron beam tomography scanner (ROFEX) has been developed which allows cross-sectional X-ray tomography with 1 mm spatial resolution and up to 7000 cross-sectional images per second recording speed. It is applicable to flow problems in vessels with up to 120 mm diameter and moderate X-ray attenuation. The tomography system has been applied in various flow studies, including gas-liquid two-phase flow in vertical pipes and channel structures.

Keywords: electron beam tomography; multiphase flow measurement

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  • TOPFLOW Facility
  • Contribution to proceedings
    The 7th International symposium on measurement techniques for multiphase flows ISMTMF-2011, 17.-19.09.2011, Tianjin, China
    AIP Conf. Proc.: American Institute of Physics 1428, 978-0-7354-1011-4, 167-174
  • AIP Conference Proceedings 1428(2012), 167-174
    DOI: 10.1063/1.3694703
    Cited 4 times in Scopus