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Water and n-heptane volume fractions in a rotor-stator spinning disc reactor

Visscher, F.; Bieberle, A.; Schubert, M.; van der Schaaf, J.; de Croon, M.; Hampel, U.; Schouten, J.

This paper presents the volume fractions of n-heptane and water measured in a rotor-stator spinning disc reactor. The volume fractions were measured using γ-ray tomography and photographic image analysis. The volume fractions were determined as a function of rotational disc speed, flow ratio, position in the reactor, and rotor material. In addition, the effect of the density difference between water and n-heptane was determined by dissolving potassium iodide in the water phase. Below a rotational disc speed of 75 RPM the volume fraction measured by tomography and photographic image analysis are within 10% deviation. For low rotational disc speeds, the n-heptane volume fraction decreases slightly with increasing rotational disc speed: the centrifugal force accelerates the larger n-heptane droplets to the center. At higher rotational disc speeds the droplets become smaller accordingly, the friction between the phases determines the flow and the n-heptane volume fraction becomes equal to the n-heptane to total flow ratio. An increase in density difference from 0.31 to 0.79 kg/dm³ did not influence the volume fractions.

Keywords: Rotor-stator spinning disc reactor; liquid-liquid flow; hydrodynamics; γ-ray tomography; multiphase reactor