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Temperature grid sensor for the measurement of spatial temperature distributions

Schäfer, T.; Schubert, M.; Hampel, U.


This paper presents results of the development and application of a new temperature grid sensor based on the wire-mesh sensor principle. The grid sensor consists of a matrix of 256 Pt1000 platinum chip resistors and an associated electronics that measures the grid resistances with a multiplexing scheme at high speed. The individual sensor elements can be spatially distributed on an object surface and measure transient temperature distributions in real time. The advantage, compared to other temperature field measurement approaches, such as infrared cameras, is that the object under investigation can be thermally insulated and radiation properties of the surface do not play a role for measurement accuracy. The sensor principle is therefore suited for various industrial monitoring applications. Its applicability for surface temperature monitoring has been demonstrated by conduction and analysis of heating and mixing experiments in a vessel.

Keywords: temperature grid sensor; temperature measurement; wire-mesh sensor; thermal surface monitoring