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High-resolution two-phase flow measurement techniques for the generation of experimental data for CFD code qualification

Hampel, U.; Krepper, E.; Lucas, D.; Beyer, M.; Szalinski, L.; Banowski, M.; Barthel, F.; Hoppe, D.; Bieberle, A.; Barth, T.


Computational fluid dynamics simulations for two-phase flows are important in different fields of engineering and science. Since two-phase flows are inherently complex, also CFD modeling development requires special attention. The validation of model implementation and the derivation of physics based models for momentum, heat, and mass transfer in two-phase flow require experiments with generation of high-resolution measurement data. This, however, is a great challenge, since most standard flow measurement tools used in single phase flow situations, are not suited for multiphase flows.
In this article we report on advanced imaging and measuring methods for two-phase flow ex-periments, which have been extensively used in the recent past to conduct experiments for two-phase flows at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf. In particular the application of wire-mesh sensors, ultrafast X-ray tomography, gamma ray tomography and positron emis-sion tomography will be introduced and discussed.

Keywords: multiphase flow measurement; computational fluid dynamics

Involved research facilities

  • TOPFLOW Facility
  • Kerntechnik 78(2013)1, 9-15