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Intrinsic flow behaviour in a slurry bubble column: A comprehensive study on the effect of particle properties

Rabha, S.; Schubert, M.; Hampel, U.

There is a strong controversy in the literature on the effect of particle properties which limit reliable design of slurry bubble columns. Thus, the influence of particle size (dP) and solid concentration (Cs) on the hydrodynamics of a slurry bubble column was studied experimentally using ultrafast electron beam X-ray tomography. Experiments were carried out for dP = 50 - 150 µm at Cs = 0 – 0.20 and superficial gas velocity UG = 0.02 – 0.05 m/s in a slurry bubble column of diameter DT = 0.07 m. The real time gas flow structure, average bubble diameter and averaged gas hold-up were found to be independent of dP and Cs at small particle size and low solid concentration. However, at large dP and high Cs, strong dependency on dP and Cs was observed. Corresponding three-phase simulations were also performed using the Euler-Euler multi-fluid model implemented in CFX 14. The bubble size distribution was calculated using the MUSIG model. The predicted gas hold-up and bubble size distribution also shows dependence on dP and agreed quite well with the measurements and previous studies

Keywords: Slurry bubble column; three-phase flow; gas hold-up; ultrafast electron beam X-ray tomography; Euler-Euler modeling; MUSIG model

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