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Hydrodynamic studies in slurry bubble columns: An experimental and numerical study

Rabha, S.; Schubert, M.; Hampel, U.


To overcome the current difficulties in designing a slurry bubble column reactor with respect to the effect of particle properties, the influence of solid concentration (Cs) on the hydrodynamics of a slurry bubble column was studied experimentally using ultrafast electron beam X-ray tomography. Experiments were carried out for dP = 100 µm at Cs = 0 – 0.36 at superficial gas velocity UG = 0.02 – 0.05 m/s in a slurry bubble column of diameter DT = 0.07 m. The real time gas flow structure, average bubble diameter and average gas hold-up as a function of UG and Cs have been reported. Corresponding three-phase simulations were also performed using the Euler-Euler multi-fluid model implemented in CFX 14. The bubble size distribution was calculated using the MUSIG model. The predicted gas hold-up and bubble size distribution also show dependence on UG and Cs and agree quite well with the measurements.

Keywords: Slurry bubble column; three-phase flow; solid concentration; ultrafast electron beam X-ray tomography; Euler-Euler modeling

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