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Synchrotron radiation microtomography of Taylor bubbles in capillary two-phase flow

Boden, S.; Dos Santos Rolo, T.; Baumbach, T.; Hampel, U.


We report on a study to measure the three-dimensional shape of Taylor bubbles in capillaries using synchrotron radiation in conjunction with ultrafast radiographic imaging. Moving Taylor bubbles in 2 mm round and square capillaries were radiographically scanned with an ultrahigh frame rate of up to 36,000 fps and 5.6 μm pixel separation. Consecutive images were properly processed to yield 2D transmission radiographs of high contrast-to-noise ratio. Application of 3D tomographic image reconstruction disclosed the 3D bubble shape. The results provide a reference data base for development of sophisticated interface resolving CFD computations.

Keywords: Taylor bubble; synchrotron X-ray micro-tomography; two-phase flow