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Revisiting magnetic stripe domains - anisotropy gradient and stripe asymmetry

McCord, J.; Erkartal, B.; von Hofe, T.; Kienle, L.; Quandt, E.; Grenzer, J.; Roshchupkina, O.


The thickness dependent generation of magnetic stripe domains in NiFe films is investigated by in-depth magnetic domain and micromagnetic analysis, as well as complementary analysis of the microstructure by x-ray diffraction and transmission electron microscopy. A gradient of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy with film thickness is found. Micromagnetic simulations show that the anisotropy gradient results in an asymmetric stripe domain configuration. Columnar grain coarsening and texture development with thickness are derived from the microstructural investigations. The variations correspondingly lead to the gradient of magnetic anisotropy and to an asymmetric magnetic stripe domain structure.

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