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III-V Quantum Dots in Dielectrics Made by Ion Implantation and Flash Lamp Annealing

Prucnal, S.; Turek, M.; Gao, K.; Zhou, S.; Pyszniak, K.; Drozdziel, A.; Zuk, J.; Skorupa, W.


Different semiconductor nanocrystals synthesized in dielectrics on silicon are very interesting for applications in non-volatile memories and photovoltaics. In this paper we present an overview of microstructural and opto-electronic properties of different III-V quantum dots embedded in SiO2 and Si3N4 made by sequential ion implantation and millisecond range flash lamp annealing. It is shown that within 20 ms post-implantation annealing high quality crystalline III-V quantum dots can be formed in different matrices. Formation of crystalline III-V quantum dots was confirmed by cross-section transmission electron microscopy, photoluminescence and mu-Raman spectroscopy. Flash lamp annealing is essentially a single-flash-single-wafer technique whose main attributes are the ease and control of processing over large wafer batches.

Keywords: III-V; quantum dots; silicon; FLA; ion implantation

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