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Thermophysical properties of the liquid GaInSn eutectic alloys

Plevachuk, Y.; Sklyarchuk, V.; Eckert, S.; Gerbeth, G.; Novakovic, R.


Among different Ga-based alloys the overall properties of the Ga In Sn eutectic alloy make it particularly suitable for many applications. However, the experimental data on its thermophysical properties are rather discrepant. In this work, the electrical and thermal conductivity, thermoelectric power, viscosity, surface tension and density of the Ga In Sn eutectic have been investigated in the temperature range between the melting temperature and 700 K. The experimental results obtained were compared with the data available in the literature. New information from scaling properties of the Ga In Sn eutectic liquid alloy can be used as input for thermodynamic simulations or for the modeling of casting processes.

Keywords: thermophysical properties; liquid metals; GaInSn alloy


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