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First Test of Lorentz Invariance in the Weak Decay of Polarized Nuclei

Dijck, E. A.; Bekker, H.; van den Berg, J. E.; Böll, O.; Hoekstra, S.; Jungmann, K.; Meinema, C.; Noordmans, J. P.; Nunez Portela, M.; Onderwater, C. J. G.; Pijpker, C.; van der Poel, A. P. P.; Santra, B.; Sytema, A.; Timmermans, R. G. E.; Versolato, O. O.; Willmann, L.; Wilschut, H. W.; Yai, K.; Müller, S. E.


A new test of Lorentz invariance in the weak interactions has been made by searching for variations in the decay rate of spin-polarized 20Na nuclei. This test is unique to Gamow-Teller transitions, as was shown in the framework of a recently developed theory that assumes a Lorentz symmetry breaking background field of tensor nature. The nuclear spins were polarized in the up and down direction, putting a limit on the amplitude of sidereal variations of the form |(Γup − Γdown)|/(Γup + Γdown) < 3 × 10−3. This measurement shows a possible route toward a more detailed testing of Lorentz symmetry in weak interactions.

Keywords: PACS numbers: 11.30.Cp; 24.80.+y; 23.40.Bw


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