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Particle deposition and resuspension in gas-cooled reactors – Activity overview of the two European research projects THINS and ARCHER

Barth, T.; Lecrivain, G.; Jayaraju, S. T.; Hampel, U.

The deposition and resuspension behaviour of radio-contaminated aerosol particles is a key issue for the safety assessment of depressurization accidents of gas-cooled high temperature reactors. Within the framework of two European research projects, namely Thermal Hydraulics of Innovative Nuclear Systems (THINS) and Advanced High-Temperature Reactors for Cogeneration of Heat and Electricity R&D (ARCHER), a series of investigations was performed to investigate the transport, the deposition and the resuspension of aerosol particles in turbulent flows. The experimental and numerical tests can be subdivided into four different parts: 1. Monolayer particle deposition, 2. Monolayer particle resuspension, 3. Multilayer particle deposition and 4. Multilayer particle resuspension. The experimental results provide a new insight into the formation and removal of aerosol particle deposits in turbulent flows and are used for the development and validation of numerical procedures in gas-cooled reactors. Good agreement was found between the numerical and the experimental results.

Keywords: aerosol particle; turbulent flow; deposition; resuspension; high temperature reactor