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Bubble Size and Velocity Measurements in Bubble Columns using Ultrafast X-ray Tomography

Lau, Y. M.; Schubert, M.

We present measurements of bubble size distribution in bubble columns using X-ray tomography. The experimental setup is an ultrafast electron beam X-ray tomographic system applied to a cylindrical bubble column with a diameter of 0.07 m. Measurements are taken placed on two planes, which are separated with an axial distance of 10 mm. The obtained reconstructed images are filtered, segmented and stacked in the time-domain to form a three-dimensional matrix of bubble objects. By cross-examining the matrices of both planes, we can identify the corresponding bubble objects and determine bubble velocities and volumes as well.

  • Lecture (Conference)
    2014 AIChE Annual Meeting, 16.-21.11.2014, Atlanta, USA

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