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Level-set reconstruction algorithm for ultrafast limited angle X-ray computed tomography of two-phase flows

Bieberle, M.; Hampel, U.


Tomographic image reconstruction is based on recovering an object distribution from its projections, which have been acquired from all angular views around the object. If the angular range is limited to less than 180° of parallel projections, typical reconstruction artefacts arise when using standard algorithms. To compensate for this, specialized algorithms using a priori information about the object need to be applied.
The application behind this work is ultrafast limited angle X-ray computed tomography of two-phase flows. Here, only a binary distribution of the two phases needs to be reconstructed, which reduces the complexity of the inverse problem. To solve it, a new reconstruction algorithm (LSR) based on the level set method is proposed. It includes one force function term accounting for matching the projection data and one incorporating a curvature dependent smoothing of the phase boundary. The algorithm has been validated using simulated as well as measured projections of known structures and its performance has been compared to the algebraic reconstruction technique (ART) and a binary derivative of it. The validation as well as the application of the level set reconstruction on a dynamic two-phase flow demonstrated its applicability and its advantages over other reconstruction algorithms.

Keywords: Level set method; X-ray CT; image reconstruction; two-phase flow; ultrafast

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