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Application of gamma-ray computed tomography for the analysis of gas holdup distributions in centrifugal pumps

Schäfer, T.; Bieberle, A.; Neumann, M.; Hampel, U.


In this work, gas-liquid distributions in an industrial centrifugal pump operated at various steady state conditions have been quantitatively determined. Therefore, high-resolution gamma-ray computed tomography (HireCT) has been applied, operated in time-averaging rotation-synchronized CT scanning mode. Detailed studies have been performed on a hydraulic test facility providing authentic operating conditions for industrial centrifugal pumps. The gas distribution in the centrifugal pump has been studied at defined inlet gas volumetric flow rates between 0% and 5% and for two different inlet flow regimes, namely disperse and swirling gas-liquid two-phase flow. In this way, the influence of the inlet flow boundary conditions on the performance as well as gas fraction distributions and gas holdup distribution within the impeller region could be successfully determined.

Keywords: gamma-ray computed tomography; centrifugal pump; gas entrainment; two-phase flow

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