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Dual-modality wire-mesh sensor for visualization of multiphase flows

Dos Santos, E. N.; Vendruscolo, T. P.; Morales, R. E. M.; Schleicher, E.; Hampel, U.; Da Silva, M. J.


Three-phase gas-liquid-liquid flows are very common in petroleum extraction, production and transport. In this work a dual-modality measuring technique is introduced which may be well applied for gas-liquid-liquid flow visualization. Measuring principle is based on simultaneous excitation with two distinct frequencies to interrogate each crossing point of a mesh sensor which in turn are linked to conductive and capacitive parts of impedance. The developed system can operate 8 transmitter and 8 receiver electrodes at a frame repetition frequency up to 781 Hz. The system has been evaluated by measuring reference components. Deviations to references values are below 10% which considering the fast repetition frequency of measurements is suitable for flow investigation. Furthermore, the developed system was applied to visualize three-phase air-oil-water mixtures in static and dynamic (flowing) conditions, showing that the sensor is a valuable tool to investigate such flows.

Keywords: electrical permittivity; electrical conductivity; petroleum industry; multiphase flow; flow measurement; dual modality