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Investigation of the calcium content in joint cartilage: Is it connected with (early arthrotic) changes in cartilage structure?

Reinert, T.; Butz, T.; Flagmeyer, R.-H.; Jankuhn, S.; Vogt, J.; Gründer, W.; Kanowski, M.; Wagner, M.; Werner, A.; Grambole, D.; Herrmann, F.


This paper describes investigations using the Particle Induced X-ray Emission method (PIXE) to evaluate the con-
centration of Ca together with that of other elements (S, Cl, and K) across the articular cartilage of domestic pigs in
order to verify a putative influence of calcium on the structural changes in early arthrotic stage, derived from NMR
microscopic imaging. The measurements were carried out with focused ion beams of a lateral resolution down to
20 lm. The main matrix components (C, N, O) were evaluated from proton backscattering spectra.

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    13th Int. Conf. on Ion Beam Analysis (IBA-13), Lisboa, Portugal, July 27 - Aug. 1, 1997


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