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Quantitative cross-sectional measurement of solid concentration distribution in slurries using wire-mesh sensor

Dos Santos, E. N.; Schleicher, E.; Reinecke, S.; Hampel, U.; Da Silva, M. J.


Wire'mesh sensors have so far been widely applied in gas'liquid flows where resistance or capacitance distributions are measured and converted into gas or liquid holdup distributions. In this work we report on the qualification of the wire'mesh imaging technique for the measurement of cross'sectional solid concentrations in solid–liquid mixtures. As the dielectric constants of solid particles are different from those of gas, water or oil in the flow, measuring this property can be used as an indication of solids distribution. Experiments were performed in a stirred tank of 100 mm diameter equipped with a capacitance wire'mesh sensor. The wire'mesh sensor was operated 4000 frames per second acquisition speed and has a spatial resolution of 6.25 mm. As solids we used silica sand particles (diameter ~ 105 μm) which were stirred with water in a volume concentration range of 1% to 35% to form slurries. By varying the stirring speed, different solid concentration distributions were produced and investigated. In order to convert the measured relative permittivity distribution into a solid concentration distribution, an empirical approach was employed.

Keywords: wire-mesh sensor, slurry flow; solid fraction measurement, flow visualization

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