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Controllable Broadband Absorption in the Mixed Phase of Metamagnets

Pregelj, M.; Zaharko, O.; Zorko, A.; Gomilsek, M.; Sendetskyi, O.; Günther, A.; Ozerov, M.; Zvyagin, S. A.; Luetkens, H.; Baines, C.; Tsurkan, V.; Loidl, A.


Materials with broad absorption bands are highly desirable for electromagnetic filtering and processing applications, especially if the absorption can be externally controlled. Here, a new class of broadband-absorption materials is introduced. Namely, layered metamagnets exhibit an electromagnetic excitation continuum in the magnetic-field-induced mixed ferro-and anti-ferromagnetic phase. Employing a series of complementary experimental techniques involving neutron scattering, muon spin relaxation, specific heat, ac and dc magnetization measurements, and electron magnetic resonance, a detailed magnetic phase diagram of Cu3Bi(SeO3)2O2Br is determined and it is found that the excitations in the mixed phase extend over at least ten decades of frequency. The results, which reveal a new dynamical aspect of the mixed phase in metamagnets, open up a novel approach to controllable microwave filtering.

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  • High Magnetic Field Laboratory (HLD)


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