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A comprehensive study on iodine uptake by selected LDH phases via coprecipitation, anionic exchange and reconstruction

Iglesias, L.; Walther, C.; Medina, F.; Holzer, A.; Neumann, A.; Lozano-Rodriguez, M. J.; Alvarez, M. G.; Torapava, N.


We explored the use of selected layered double hydroxides (LDHs) of different compositions and obtained by means of different routes (i.e., coprecipitation, anionic exchange and reconstruction) as iodine/iodate adsorbents. The influence of speciation (iodide vs. iodate) on iodine uptake was rather strong, resulting in much lower iodide incorporation. The Fourier transform of iodine K X-ray absorption edge data (EXAFS) of all iodate-LDHs showed a single I–O scattering path of 1.8 A ° . Thermal stability and leaching experiments showed that the incorporated iodate and iodide were rather loosely bound in the interlayer space and were easily released under heating to 180 C and leaching with Milli-Q water and brine solution.

Keywords: Iodine; Layered double hydroxide; Immobilization; Nuclear waste; Aqueous systems

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