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Flash-Lamp-Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition of Thin Films

Henke, T.; Knaut, M.; Hossbach, C.; Geidel, M.; Rebohle, L.; Albert, M.; Skorupa, W.; Bartha, J.


Within this work flash lamp annealing (FLA) is utilized to thermally enhance the film growth in atomic layer deposition (ALD). First, the basic principles of flash-lamp-enhanced ALD (FEALD) are presented in detail, the technology is reviewed and classified. Thereafter, results of our studies on the FEALD of aluminum-and ruthenium-based thin films are presented. These depositions were realized by periodically flashing on a substrate during the precursor exposure. It is shown that the film growth is induced by the flash heating and that the processes exhibit typical ALD characteristics. The obtained relations between flash parameters and film growth parameters are discussed with the main focus on the impact of the FLA-caused temperature profile on the film growth.
Besides, this work addresses technical challenges for the practical realization of this method and demonstrates the potential of this technology to extend the capabilities of thermal ALD.

Keywords: flash lamp annealing; atomic layer deposition; thin film


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