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Pulsed high-field magnets – An efficient way of shaping laser accelerated proton beams for application

Kroll, F.; Bagnoud, V.; Blažević, A.; Brabetz, C.; Busold, S.; Deppert, O.; Jahn, D.; Karsch, L.; Kraft, S.; Masood, U.; Roth, M.; Schumacher, D.; Schramm, U.


Compact laser-driven proton accelerators are a potential alternative to complex, expensive conventional accelerators, enabeling unique beam properties, like ultra-high pulse dose. Nevertheless, they still require substantial development in reliable beam generation and transport.

We present experimental studies on capture, shape and transport of laser and conventionally accelerated protons via pulsed high-field magnets. These magnets, common research tools in the fields of solid state physics, have been adapted to meet the demands of laser acceleration experiments.Our work distinctively shows that pulsed magnet technology makes laser acceleration more suitable for application and can facilitate compact and efficient accelerators, e.g. for material research as well as medical and biological purposes.

  • Lecture (Conference)
    DPG-Frühjahrstagung, Wuppertal, 2015, 09.-13.03.2015, Wuppertal, Deutschland


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