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Distribution of Sb minerals in the Cu and Zn flotation of Rockliden massive sulphide ore in north-central Sweden

Minz, F. E.; Bolin, N.-J.; Lamberg, P.; Bachmann, K.; Gutzmer, J.; Wanhainen, C.


The Rockliden massive sulphide Zn-Cu deposit contains minor amounts of Sb minerals. The Sb mineralogy is complex in terms of composition, micro textures and mineral associations. The main Sb minerals comprise tetrahedrite, bournonite, gudmundite and Sb-Pb sulphides such as meneghinite. The presence of these minerals is especially critical to the quality of the Cu-Pb concentrate. To study how they are distributed in a simplified flotation circuit and what controls their process behaviour Sb-rich drill core samples were selected from the Rockliden deposit and a standard laboratory flotation test was run on the composite samples. Scanning electron microscope-based automated mineralogy was used to measure the Sb mineralogy of the test products, and the particle tracking technique was applied to mass balance the different liberation classes to finally trace the distribution of liberated and locked Sb minerals. The mineralogical factors controlling the distribution of Sb minerals are mineral grain size, the degree of liberation, and associated minerals. Similarities in the distribution of specific particle types from the tested composites point towards systematics in the behaviour of particles and predictability of their distribution which is suggested to be used in a geometallurgical model of the deposit.

Keywords: Sulphide ores; Antimony; Liberation analysis; Particle tracking; Froth flotation



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