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Dipole strength distribution of 74Ge

Massarczyk, R.; Schwengner, R.; Bernstein, L. A.; Anders, M.; Bemmerer, D.; Beyer, R.; Elekes, Z.; Hannaske, R.; Junghans, A. R.; Kögler, T.; Röder, M.; Schmidt, K.; Wagner, A.; Wagner, L.


The dipole strength distribution of 74Ge was studied in photon-scattering experiments using bremsstrahlung produced with electron beams of energies of 7.0 and 12.1 MeV at the linear accelerator ELBE. We identified 94 levels with spin J = 1 up to an excitation energy of 8.9 MeV and analyzed the strength in the quasi-continuum of states. Simulations of statistical gamma-ray cascades were performed to estimate intensities of inelastic transitions and to correct the intensities of the ground-state transitions for their branching ratios. The photoabsorption cross section below the neutron-separation energy derived in this way is combined with the photoabsorption cross section obtained from an earlier (gamma, n) experiment and compared with phenomenological approximations.

Keywords: Nuclear resonance fluorescence; photon scattering; bremsstrahlung; photoabsorption cross section

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