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Using quasi-DNS to investigate the deposition of elongated aerosol particles in a wavy channel flow

Lecrivain, G.; Rayan, R.; Hurtado, A.; Hampel, U.

In gas-cooled high temperature reactors, the diffusion of the fission products into the graphite matrix causes a radioactive contamination of the carbonaceous dust. The contaminated graphite aerosol particles often exhibit large aspect ratios and deposit in complex geometries, which hinders a detailed experimental investigation. The use of quasi Direct Numerical Simulation (quasi-DNS) to simulate the turbulent flow in nuclear reactors has seen an increased interest over the last few years. The capabilities of a quasi-DNS to simulate the transport and the deposition of elongated particles in an wavy channel flow are presently tested. It is shown that quasi-DNS effectively predicts deposition and that, unlike the deposition in a plane channel flow, the particle aspect ratio has no significant effect on the overall deposition rate in a wavy channel. It is suggested that in numerical studies of particle deposition on a significantly roughened channel, the particle can be assumed to be spherical without affecting the results of the deposition study.

Keywords: Graphite dust deposition; high temperature reactor; quasi-DNS; deposition of elongated particles; wavy channel flow