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Measurement of Taylor bubble shape in square channel by microfocus X-ray computed tomography for investigation of mass transfer

Boden, S.; Haghnegahdar, M.; Hampel, U.


This paper addresses the measurement of the dynamic evolution of Taylor bubble shape during mass transfer. Carbon dioxide (CO2) Taylor bubbles were placed in countercurrent water flow in a square channel. Microfocus X-ray radiography enabled the measurement of volumetric mass transfer rates. The measurements were calibrated by microfocus X-ray computed tomography scans of non-dissolving Taylor bubbles. The reconstruction algorithm was adapted to correct the slight motion of the Taylor bubble during the tomographic scan. The obtained three-dimensional representation of the Taylor bubble’s shape enabled the measurement of Taylor bubble’s true volume and interfacial area. The thin film region of the constricted Taylor bubble’s surface near the planar channel walls was extracted from the data and the ratio to the total Taylor bubble surface was computed. The volumetric dissolution rates were measured in circular and square channels.

Keywords: Taylor bubble; microfocus X-ray computed tomography; mass transfer

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