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Developments for the application of the Wire-Mesh Sensor in industries

Kipping, R.; Brito, R.; Schleicher, E.; Hampel, U.

Wire-Mesh Sensors (WMS) are applied in many research applications to determine the distribution of the phase fraction and to visualize the flow behavior within a pipe. However their application in industries is restricted due to the procedure of data acquisition. Here a new design of Wire-Mesh Sensor for monitoring void fraction and flow pattern behavior is presented. As result of online data evaluation cross-sectional void fraction information is provided in almost real-time. Additionally, the present flow pattern is determined by statistical analysis of recorded data of a time period of 10 s. This is the first time a Wire-Mesh Sensor was used for this purpose. With the help of fuzzy methodology a distinction of the four main flow patterns of vertical upward gas-liquid flow is possible. Furthermore transition regions can be identified. The algorithm is based on the evaluation of statistical void fraction distribution as result of Wire-Mesh Sensor data. Validation experiments of the new adopted algorithms are carried out in a 50 mm-ID two-phase air-water flow-loop at Tulsa University Horizontal Well and Artificial Lift Projects (TUHWALP).

Keywords: Wire-Mesh Sensor; gas-liquid flow; flow pattern identification

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