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Dynamic bias error correction in gamma-ray computed tomography

Wagner, M.; Bieberle, A.; Bieberle, M.; Hampel, U.

The dynamic bias error is a well-known effect in transmission radiometry. It appears when an object distribution, e.g. a multiphase flow, changes its constitution during the scanning process and reconstructed data, e.g. a cross-sectional image, is assumed to represent a time-average of the object distribution. In gamma-ray tomography long sampling intervals are necessary in order to obtain sufficient photon count statistics. Therefore, the measured photon count projection data is inherently time-averaged. The attenuation law gives a non-linear relation between attenuation and photon counts. Therefore, the calculation of the time-averaged attenuation from the time-averaged projection data may lead to non-negligible and systematic errors, commonly an underestimation of the real attenuation, which e.g. means an overestimation of the gas holdup in tomography images of two-phase flows.
In this work the application of a recently presented dynamic bias error correction method on time-averaged gamma-ray tomography is demonstrated. As an exemplary object we scanned a mock-up of a centrifugal pump. The suitability of this method was investigated for a generic highly turbulent two-phase flow scenario with both a virtual tomography data set as well as real measured data.

Keywords: gamma-ray tomography; dynamic bias error; correct averaging