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A study of two-phase flow in monoliths using ultrafast single-slice X-ray computed tomography

Schäfer, T.; Meitzner, C.; Lange, R.; Hampel, U.


Running chemical reactions in monolithic structures is being considered as highly promising for intensifying industrial reaction processes. A potential pitfall of such structures is the difficulty to achieve homogeneous and well defined gas/liquid distributions patterns with economically feasible distribution mechanisms. Experimental studies on gas/liquid distribution in monoliths are often hampered by missing measurement and visualization technique to disclose the two-phase flow inside the narrow and opaque channels.
This paper presents results of a study carried out with ultrafast single-slice X-ray tomography, a novel imaging techniques , which can overcome these limitations. We investigated two-phase flow in two different types of square-channel monolith structures, one with high cell density of 400 cpsi and one with low cell density of 39 cpsi. Our study discloses in-channel flooding and draining behavior via extraction of characteristic distribution parameters, such as averaged and channel-linked liquid holdup, two-phase flow patterns and liquid maldistribution from X-ray images using advanced image processing techniques.

Keywords: ultrafast X-ray tomography; two-phase flow; monolith; holdup; maldistribution; flow pattern; flow visualization

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