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Polymer and cluster chemistry of tetravalent cerium (Ce(IV)) in aqueous solutions

Ikeda-Ohno, A.


Because of their high charge density, the aqueous chemistry of f-elements (i.e. lanthanides and actinides) with lower valences (e.g. tri- and tetravalent) is predominantly controlled by strong hydrolysis producing a variety of hydroxide species. Interestingly enough, this strong hydrolysis often induces the intrinsic formation of polymer and nano-sized cluster complexes which are stable even in aqueous solutions. This talk will provide a recent overview of the hydrolysis-induced polymer/cluster formation of tetravalent f-elements, with a special focus on tetravalent cerium (Ce(IV)), primarily from the viewpoint of structural chemistry, as well as the associated characterisation techniques (e.g. X-ray absorption spectroscopy or X-ray scattering).

Keywords: f-elements; hydrolysis; cerium; tetravalent; characterisation; X-ray; polymer; cluster

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