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JEMS2016: Magnetism in curved geometries

Makarov, D.


While conventionally magnetic films and structures are fabricated on flat surfaces, the topology of curved surfaces has only recently started to be explored and leads to new fundamental physics as well as applied device ideas. In particular, novel effects occur when the magnetization is modulated by curvature providing a new degree of freedom that leads to new magnetization configurations (see for instance [1,2]) and is predicted to have major implications on the spin dynamics due to topological constraints for instance in circular tubes and rolls [3].
Advances in this novel field solely rely on the understanding of the fundamentals behind the modifications of magnetic responses of 3D-curved magnetic thin films. The lack of an inversion symmetry and the emergence of a curvature induced effective anisotropy and Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction are characteristic of curved surfaces [4-6], leading to curvature-driven magnetochiral effects [7-9] and topologically induced magnetization patterning [6, 10], including unlimited domain wall velocities in hollow tubes [3], chirality symmetry breaking [6-9] and Cherenkov-like effects for magnons [11]. In addition to these rich physics, the application potential of 3D-shaped objects is currently being explored as magnetic field sensorics for magnetofluidic applications [12], spin-wave filters [13], magneto-encephalography devices [14] and high-speed racetrack memory devices [3]. To this end, the initially fundamental topic of the magnetism in curved geometries strongly benefited from the input of the application-oriented community, which among others explores the shapeability aspect of the curved magnetic thin films. These activities resulted in the development of the family of shapeable magnetoelectronics [15], which already includes flexible [16], printable [17], stretchable [18] and even imperceptible [19] magnetic field sensorics.
These recent developments starting from the theoretical predictions to the fabrication and characterization of 3D-curved magnetic thin films and their application potential are in the focus of this talk.

Keywords: Curved magnetic thin films; rolled technology

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  • Invited lecture (Conferences)
    The 8th Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS2016), 21.-26.08.2016, Glasgow, United Kingdom


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