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Thermocapillary Bubble Migration at Higher Marangoni numbers - Theory and Experiment

Gerbeth, G.; Galindo, V.; Treuner, M.; Langbein, D.


Single bubble motion driven purely by thermocapillarity (i.e. a linear temperature gradient in the surrounding liquid) is analyzed theoretically with the following steps: A full numerical simulation up to Re of several hundreds depending on the Prandtl-number of the liquid, and a simple analytical treatment describing the asymptotic migration at high Re. Results of short-term microgravity experiments performed at drop Tower Bremen will be reported for 20 < Re < 160. The theoretical migration velocities are slightly higher than the experimental values which might be due to the short-time nature of the experiments. An unsteady theoretical analysis will be given explaining, at least in part, the remaining discrep-ancy between theory and experiment.

  • Lecture (Conference)
    1994 Meeting APS/DFD, Atlanta, 20-22 November
  • Bulltin of the American Physical Society, Series II, 39 (1994), 9, p. 1841


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